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The Ancient Astronaut Project

Will you join us?

The basic reason for the project is to attempt to locate definitive proof that earth was visited, and perhaps originally populated by, extraterrestrial visitors.

Over the years there have been many theories set forth involving the possibility that earth was initially visited or colonized by extraterrestrials. Eric Von Daniken, in his book "Chariots of the Gods" popularized this theory and his several books provide much evidence in support of the theory.

What has been lacking, however, is definitive proof. The theory remains a theory. What we propose is an ongoing research effort to provide, if at all possible, proof of the theory. Should any definitive proof be found, we would, literally, be rewriting world history!

There are several ways in which you can join in this effort:

1.  Research:  Hitting the books, as well as the Internet.  Finding all references to potential evidence of extraterrestrial visitors.....whether it be ancient Mayan or Egyptian pictographs, or events in history which could be better explained if one considered extraterrestrial influence. References will then be screened and assigned priority values, and the evidence/events will then be researched in detail. The "ultimate" evidence, or proof, would be to find actual physical remains or artifacts that could not possibly have had an origin on earth. [If such an artifact could be found, this alone would require the rewriting of world history.]

2.  Financial support:  Your contributions will cover the expenses for maintaining a computerized data base, copies of manuscripts, books, office supplies, travel costs when necessary to verify archeological finds, a newsletter to keep members informed of the latest findings. [Note: No salaries will be paid....this is to be an entirely a volunteer effort.]

3.  Contributing your time and effort to help assess and prioritize the references/evidence. [Computer required to store data and transfer records.]

4.  Contributing your time and effort to travel for "on-site verification" of archeological finds (if necessary, and as funds allow).




The cost of research........

While we do not anticipate this effort to require "zillions of dollars" in funding, we must recognize that at least a minimal amount of funding is necessary. The project's progress will, in part, depend on available funds. There are office expenses necessary, and costs associated with producing a newsletter, as well as purchasing copies of manuscripts/books for our hard copy "library."

If you are able to do so, please contribute financially to this effort.....if these minimal expenses are not met, the project will go nowhere!


If you are interested in this effort, you may volunteer assistance as a "text/Internet researcher," or as one who is interested in helping us "assess/prioritize evidence," or as one who may be interested in traveling to "verify physical evidence/archeological finds," by sending us an e-mail.

You may mail financial contributions to: The Ancient Astronaut Project, David A. Nesbitt, Corrdinator, 4528 Roan Avenue, Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542 [Or you may contact us by e-mail and we will advise you how to make a direct interbank transfer.]  In either case, please note that until we receive tax exempt status from the IRS, your contribution may not be tax deductible.

The Ancient Astronaut Project

David A. Nesbitt, Coordinator

4528 Roan Avenue

Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542

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